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Corneal Molding to Control Myopia

Orthokeratology is the use of special contact lenses to reshape the cornea while sleeping so no lenses or glasses are needed during waking hours. Many studies have confirmed that this technique reduces the progression of myopia so it is especially useful for children who are starting to show nearsighted changes. Orthokeratology was first popularized in the 1960’s with hard contact lenses but was very unpredictable. Newer techniques and designs allow us to achieve much more reliable and rapid control of the cornea and it became FDA approved in 2002. We use several different designs depending on the eye shape and degree of correction needed. It is generally best used for patients with under 6 diopters of myopia although it is much preferred to start well before the correction reaches that level. We’ve fit patients as young as 7 years old with good success. The lenses must be worn consistently because the cornea will tend to return to its original shape if the lenses are discontinued.

Below are websites that provide more detailed information and studies about the corneal molding process:

  1. – Site provides research summaries and links relating to myopia control.
  2. Corneal Reshaping – Research article showing reduction of myopic progression.
  3. OrthoK and Kids